PR Racing

Timing and Organizing races for three decades

Coaching & Other Services


Race Directing Services

If you are interested in setting up a race for  your charity, we can help.  With 30 years of race directing and timing experience, we can provide you expert assistant in setting up your race, and managing it for you, headache free.  Contact us for consulting prices at either, or call direct at 609-792-9540

Coaching Service

With the experience of entering and completing hundreds of triathlons stretching over 3 decades, we offer many different options and coaching programs.  I am a Certified Personal Trainer, and have coached on an age grouper level, at the high school level and at the college level.  I have also trained many individuals, both athletes and non-athletes.  My American Red Cross CPR and Basic First Aide Certification is also current.

Programs range for the novice or first timer, to those who aspire to be an Ironman distance competitor.  There is no substitute for experience.  Our coaches also have single sport disciplines and are considered experts in their own right.  These coaches all have experience coaching for a formal program within the running, swimming or biking community.

We also cater to the weekend warrior that wants to shed a couple of pounds, or someone that just wants to tone their body with minimal cardio and weight training.

Timing Services

We offer services of inexpensive timing services for running races such as 5k’s.  These races are manually timed and are tracked the old fashion way!  We keep this option available to keep the cost low.  Please call us for pricing.

Resume and Experience


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