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NJ10 – Ten Miler

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The job of a police officer is a difficult one on the Officers, as well as each of their families.  They work tireless hours at all times, day and night.  They work thru inclement weather, holidays, their children’s birthdays parties, anniversary’s and many other family functions because of their commitment and obligation to their job and community.  Answering calls every day, dealing with an often irate public, often putting themselves  in harms way and often save lives .  The job of a police officer is often thankless yet they get up everyday to protect the public for many they have never met.  We hope this race raises awareness of the difficulties of police officer and of his/her duty to people that they protect.  We hope you consider entering this race, during Police Week,  that celebrates Police and the job that they do.  The race’s benefactor are the non-profit organization youth program, the Egg Harbor Township Police Explorers Post # 94.

May 19th, 2018 

0800 Start time for both the 10 miler and 5K

PR Racing has partnered with the Egg Harbor Township Police Explorers, a local non-profit organization to bring you the New Jersey 10 Miler.  A race created to support the community and support a non-profit police organization during Police Week, 2018.  We commend the men and women in Blue and want to say thank you for the sometimes thankless job they do.

Introducing New Jersey’s 10 Miler and 5k.  Arguably the MOST beautifully scenic 1 Miler in New Jersey and the Country.  Runners are never more than a few feet from the water on the looped course.  This race celebrates police during Police Week and proceeds benefit the Egg Harbor Township Police Explorers, Post #94.  To find more about them and/or donate directly to their organization, please visit their website at

The below photos speak for them selves.  Water view for the entire course.  We bet this will be your favorite 10 miler and will agree the course is the most scenic one that you will ever run.

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This race is will be the most scenic, but will be one of the most challenging 10 milers that you will do.  There are three bridges on the route while atop of each of them is commanding view of the waterways and buildings of the three towns.   All of the roads have been freshly paved and are fast surfaces to run on . We are bragging that this will be one of the Top Ten Ten Milers in the country, in terms of scenery, course and challenge.  

The downside to running on the bridges is not the downside, but the uphill to get there.  Below is an elevation map of the course.  Although the elevation above sea level is less than 30 feet, the quarter to half mile ascents are steep by South Jersey standards.  Regardless of the course being more challenging than all of the other 10 Mile races in the NY, NJ and Pennsylvania area.  This will be a great early race season event to condition you into top fitness shape.  ‘Tough out’ this early season race, and you will be in great shape for the rest of the race season.

New Jersey 10m Course Map - one slide

We are asking that all runners complete the course within 3 hours and 20 minutes (20 minute miles).  Due to safety reasons, if you are still on the course after that time limit, you will be pulled from the race course.  We suggest that, as an athlete, you train for this event because of the distance, and the grade changes on the course, especially if you are used to training on flat terrain.

The Start and Finish:

The beginning and end of the race will be hosted in one of the prettiest parks in the Cape May/ Atlantic County Area.  The park overlooks the bay from an elevated perspective.  Views of Somers Point, Ocean City can be seen from the park; and local boaters, wind surfers, fishermen, kayakers enjoy the water in and around the park.

kennedy park areial

Link of a drone video of the Start/Finish and the host hotel, Pier 4 Hotel, in Somers Point.


5K Course and Map:

5K course

10m map for website

Last 3 Miles


Do not park anywhere on the race course.  This includes Broadway Ave (the road leading to Kennedy Park and also includes Parking within Kennedy Park at the Start/Finish location.  It also includes Bay Ave in Somers Point where both the 10 miler and 5k will be traversing.  Please do not block any driveways on the side streets.  We will be promoting a save race.  This includes not having any vehicles on the race course.  We will be providing a list of our Sponsor businesses that will be permitting vehicle parking for the duration of the race.  Please patron these businesses after the race.

The amenities:

Every racer (that finishes) will get a Finisher medal.  This medal was designed to showcase the support of Police in New Jersey and the USA, as well as the importance for support of police during police week.  Racers will also get a T-shirt for those that pre-register.

The Awards (10 miler):


Overall Finishers:  The Top 5 overall (males and females) will be completing for overall trophies.

Age Group Awards:  Top 3 in each age group (males and females) will receive a trophy.

15 and Under, 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 and over

Overall Police Finishers:  The Top 3 overall males and female POLICE finishers will be competing for trophies in this category.  You must declare whether you are racing in the Age Group Division or the Police Division (no duplicate awards)

Top 3 DEPARTMENT Team Awards:  There will also be plaques for the top 3 POLICE TEAM awards.  You must enter your Department affiliation before the race.  The first 3 finishers from your Department will be scored (Cross Country Scoring) for your team.  The overall place you finish is your ‘score’ in this division [i.e. If Police Department X finishes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th and 20th places.  That team’s score is 36].  The lowest ‘scores’ will denote the fastest teams.  You may enter this Team Division and still compete for an individual award in either the Age Group or Police Division categories.

5K Awards:  Awards to Top overall 3 males and 3 females. Medals to age group award winners in 10 year age groups,.

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