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Lake Lenape Triathlon Information

July 7th, 2018

Race Date:  July 7th, 2017, 8am Start

This grass roots triathlon started in 1991.  We began with approximately 80 athletes and have hosted over 400 athletes some years.  This triathlon was designed for the beginner or novice in mind.  However, many professionals have done the race, as have TV personalities including Cecily Tynan of Action News.  MTV producers of their show ‘Made’ also filmed an episode here at Lake Lenape Triathlon.  The race has been consistently delivering a professional product with its management, as well as its constantly improving all organizational aspects of the race.  We go the extra effort to close the roads to vehicular traffic to promote a safe race and make the race a better environment to race in.  This race has ample volunteers from the Mays Landing Athletic Association.  They have supported this race and used it as a fundraiser for over 10 years.  Learn more about them at


LLT Parking

The 1/4 mile course will follow a counter clock-wise direction (breathing from the left side), keeping all of the buoys on your left. We sink approximately 10 swim buoy markers to make it easier to sight the next buoy for the competitors.  There will be lifeguards, rescue boats, surf boards, and the police department’s dive team on hand to assist any swimmers having difficulty. We have even had a car/boat in the water during the race overseeing the swim.  Wetsuits are permitted regardless of the water temperature. Temperature of the water is well above 75 degrees F.

Lka lenape SWIM Start


This year, we will again be emphasizing safety by sending swimmers off one-by-one from a beach standing start, at 5 second intervals (this takes the same amount of time as sending athletes off in waves).  In 2017, we are the first in the area to implement this style of start.  We are asking that the swimmer seed themselves according to their ability and self predicted swim time (faster first).  This should spread the swimmers out, eliminate bunching at the start and around each buoy, and reduce the number of athletes swimmer over top of one another, thereby creating a safer swim.

The Race Director can provide personalized instruction for those that require specialized attention.  The below photo depicts competitor Joe Boothby receiving pre-race instructions the evening before the race, as he ‘readys’ his mind and body to tackle the next days challenge.

Joe Boothby Photo

First Run of the Duathlon:

If you are not swimming, the first leg of the race is a one mile run.  The Run begins at the mouth of transition area on Park Road, Left onto Lake, Right onto Tunney, Left back onto Park and enter transition the same side as the swimmers are entering, via the rear or lake side of the transition area (it will make the transition area a neutral one, meaning that no one has the advantage of where they are racking their bikes.

LLT Duathlon First Run

The Transition Area:  No riding in the transition area.  The flow will be in one direction.  Swim in, Bike in, Bike out, and run out will all begin from the Bay side and move towards the beach side of the island.  Also, no spectators, support crews, husbands, wives, children, dogs, cats, fish or any other living or artificial beings are allowed in the transition area once the race begins.  Athletes only (thank you).



The 10.2 mile bike will be an out and back course. We close the bike course to vehicular traffic, so racers can enjoy a traffic free event.  Riders will exit the transition area and head east on Park Rd, cross a small bridge and turn right onto Mill Rd (first intersection right turn). Watch for traffic, this is a 5-point residential intersection that we are unable to close entirely to traffic. This turns into Mill Rd. to Harding Highway (Rt. 606). This will be your first right turn. Bear right at the fork onto Weymouth Rd. This will also be your first right. Follow Weymouth Rd. to Avenue ‘G’ (Mizpah Rd.)on the left side of the road. (if you hit the Black Horse Pike, you’ve gone too far). Turn around and go back the same way you came. The miles will be marked. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING THE RACE COURSE. Weymouth Rd. will be closed to vehicular through traffic. However, keep in mind that residents on the road may also be on the roadway. So, heads up and pay attention to all rules of the road. A bicycle is considered a motor vehicle and you must abide by all motor vehicle laws, therefor all participant may adhere to the “rules of the road”. There will be draft marshals on both bike, foot and motorcycle. Officials have been instructed to issue no warning for drafting.
Automatic DQ! No arguments…Comprende’?

LLT Bike course


After racking your bike in the same location as the beginning of the race, runners will head West on Park Rd(the opposite way of the bike) for the 3.2 mile run. Immediately, bear left onto E. Lake Dr. Take to end. Make right onto Tunney. Take to end. Make Left onto Park Rd. Follow Park Rd. as it turns left at the end. Make right onto Morningside to end. Make right onto McGreary. Follow to end. Make left onto park to 13th St. Make left onto 13th St. Follow 13th to the turn around near the Municipal Building. Retrace your footsteps on 13th, back to Park. Make left onto Park Rd and head straight back to the finish in front of the lake. Miles will be marked. The water station will be at the intersection of Park Rd and 13th St. You will pass this location 3 times. There may be an additional stop at the turn-around point on the run.

lake lenape large_6e82ffa8-9941-4ce2-a16d-0119a2fcd386

Runner Lake Lenape Tri  Running Eric Schrading and Matt Strabuk and Brendan Lyman

Duathlon                                                                                                                                                          We have added a Duathlon to this years event line up.  The 1 mile run will take place while the Triathletes are swimming.  The once mile run will traverse a part of the run course and enter into transition area on the same side as the swim in.  Duathletes will then follow the same bike and run course.

Aquabike                                                                                                                                                           We have also added an event category for those that cannot or don’t wanna (sic) run.  The Aquabikers will begin the swim with the Triathletes, followed by the same course as the bike finishing by crossing the timing mats.  When their race ends and they can heckle the other athletes who are not finished yet.




Overall three Males and Females in each race (Tri, Du, AquaBike).  These athletes will not be included in the age groups awards that are as follows: 19 and under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+


Beginning at 0600 hours, all athletes are asked to check in at the Cove beach area on Park Road, Mays Landing.  Drop off any racing equipment, if needed.  All athlete parking is at the municipal building at 6101 13th Street.  You can ride your bike back to the transition area ((1/2 mile) DO NOT park anywhere on the race course.  A tow truck is standing by to remove any vehicles from the bike and run courses.  Again, we are emphasizing safety by keeping vehicles off of the race course.  Thank you for understanding.

Other Mays Landing Partners

Our Mays Landing DJ services are provided by www.shotsentertainment.comClick on the link to find out more about them.  Our Mays Landing Trophy provider are provided by .  Our Mays Landing T Shirt vendor can be found at .  If you have children or teens, consider supporting Young’s Skating Center on Park Road, Mays Landing while you are in town.  Find more out about the hours of operation at .



Athletes will received a quality race T Shirt from a Mays Landing T Shirt company, a water bottle, food, race flyers and other cool stuff in the athletes SWAG Bag.

LLT Shirt.pngLLT Shirt back.png

    Front of Shirt                                                         Back of Shirt

LLT Bottle

Directions TO THE  RACE SITE

575 Park Road, Mays Landing, NJ 08330 at

From Philly and West (approx. 1 hour drive)

Atlantic City Expressway East toward Atlantic City. Take Exit 17 (First exit after dollar toll).Turn Right off Exit ramp (3.7 miles away). You’re now on Route 50 South.Proceed on Rt. 50 South, cross overpass of Rt. 322 (1mile away from the race site)Make Right onto 13th St. and park vehicle in municipal bldg. Ride bike down 13th street and make left onto Park Rd. Transition area (.7 miles away), straight ahead, on Right.

From NYC and North Jersey, (approx 2 hour drive)

Take Garden State Parkway South to Exit 44

Make Right off ramp onto Rt. 575, Pomona Rd.

Follow for 6 traffic lights to “T” intersection

Make Right onto Rt. 322 and follow to signs for Rt. 50 South (1 mile away).

Make Right onto 13th St.

Follow above highlighted directions.

From Delaware/Baltimore (approx. 2.5 hour drive)

Take Delaware Memorial Bridge

Follow signs and stay on Rt. 40 until the town of Mays Landing.

Stay on Rt. 40 at Rt. 50 South intersection (at traffic light).

At next light (you just past McDonald’s), Do not turn right. Continue to follow signs for Rt. 50 North. Go through the next two lights and look for 13th St. on left side of street.

Follow above highlighted directions

From Cape May and South (approx 40 minute drive)

Follow Garden State Parkway North to Atlantic City Expressway West (going toward Philly)

Take Exit for Hamilton Mall/Race Track

Make Left at light immediately after toll

Get into Right lane and make Right at “T” intersection, onto Rt. 322. Follow Rt. 322 to Rt. 50 South (1 mile away). Make Right onto 13th St and follow highlighted direction


LLT Photo of group

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