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Brigantine Triathlon Information

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Brigantine Tri 5k Results

2017 Brigantine Triathlon 5k
Place No Last Name First Name GENDER Age Time
1 132 Reinhold Derek Male 38 16:48
2 511 Coia Dylan MALE 39 17:08
3 Braverman Matt Male 26 19:14
4 Lucas Jennifer Female 30 19:20
5 Costello Pat MALE 48 20:13
6 140 Sparks Katherine FEMALE 14 21:34
7 133 Rado Brett Male 17 21:36
8 139 Sparks Christopher MALE 45 21:44
9 509 Allison Finn MALE 14 22:16
10 Kochenour Kristen Female 33 22:31
11 Hoffman Matt MALE 11 22:50
12 Patrick Robert MALE 44 23:09
13 138 Smith Sylvia FEMALE 50 23:27
14 McCarthy Tim MALE 58 23:47
15 126 Lizzul Monica FEMALE 39 24:05:00
16 508 DeStefano Isabella FEMALE 12 24:20:00
17 127 Marcinek Leann FEMALE 34 24:34:00
18 Braverman Carlee Female 18 24:56:00
19 Alison Chris MALE 44 25:41:00
20 Piccirillo Michael MALE 11 26:14:00
21 Hovey Erin Female 43 26:18:00
22 McCurran Claire Female 17 27:12:00
23 DiPillo Nikki Lee Female 13 27:39:00
24 McCurran Maggie Female 16 27:42:00
25 McDowell Robert MALE 39 27:56:00
26 Gillespee Mary Female 57 28:01:00
27 128 moloney mary FEMALE 53 28:43:00
28 513 Coyne Elliott Male 25 28:47:00
29 Naccuzi Shelia Female 20 29:35:00
30 123 Graboyes Shaina FEMALE 30 30:59:00
31 Braverman Robert MALE 61 31:08:00
32 512 Coyne Mark MALE 60 31:12:00
33 131 Paul Jaclyn FEMALE 32 31:21:00
34 548 DiGiovanni Ron Male 64 32:13:00
35 125 Koch Bethany FEMALE 25 32:22:00
36 Foti Monica Female 55 33:02:00
37 137 Scutti Anthony Male 39 35:05:00
38 Fluck Elizabeth Female 8 37:30:00
39 Fluck Robert MALE 38 37:31:00
40 134 Schadler Deborah FEMALE 65 37:38:00
41 130 Morley Julie Female 54 37:43:00
42 Piccirillo Katie Female 35 39:53:00
43 510 Berger Beth Female 51 41:40:00
44 136 Scutti Gil Male 70 42:09:00
45 124 Katona Kelley FEMALE 29 43:51:00
46 141 Zweemer Greg MALE 30 43:52:00
47 Tucker Eric MALE 42 DNF
48 547 Downey Camryn FEMALE 10 DNS
49 122 Groeber Shannon FEMALE 35 DNS
50 135 Schimek Rob MALE 52 DNS

Race Date:  August 4th, 2018

Since 1989, the City of Brigantine has been involved in the Brigantine Island Triathlon. Every years since its inception, the race has benefited various entities on Brigantine Island including the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, the American Red Cross, the Brigantine Board of Education and now Brigantine Community Education and Recreation Department (CER). The CER will again host the triathlon this year on Saturday, August 4th, 2018. Local Police, Fire, EMS. Dept. of Public Works, the Beach Patrol, Emergency Management, the NJ State Police, US Coast Guard, the City Manager and City Council and Mayor of Brigantine are all intimately involved in making this race a success, year after year.

The CER is a City based organization who is trying to raise money for recreation programs for the children of all ages, as well as the community of Brigantine.  Find more out about the Brigantine CER Office by following this link:

The several hundred athletes of all different abilities, will participate in Saturday’s event which kicks off with a ¼ mile swim in the bay, beginning on 26th Street dock area. The race is then followed by a scenic bike ride around the Island of Brigantine. The athletes return to 26th Street dock area where they will drop their bikes and don on their running shoes for a 4 mile run to the North end of Brigantine and back.

The athletes will then have time to relax at a Picinic catered by Nobil Food Services. This after race party occurs at the 26th Street Ballfields. The award ceremony will take place at the same location as soon as the last finisher crosses the finish line. Many local sponsors support the race because of the large fluxuation of athletes in town. Without their support, the race could not be as successful as it has been. The winners of the event will cross the finish line in 50 minutes, while others may take 2 hours to complete this event.

For this years event, we will again host the 1/4 swim, 11 bike and 4 mile run.  We have also added an event for Duathletes starting with a 1 mile run while their counterparts swim.  The Duathletes will follow the same bike and run course.  The third individual event gives the option of the athlete swimming  the 1/4 with the Triathletes, and finishing their race with the 11 mile bike.

The second annual 5k, the evening before the Tri/Du, will take place at the Community Center during packet pick up on Friday evening.  The 5k will begin at 500pm.

As always, we are looking for volunteers to assist in the success of the race. If you have an interest in helping out and earning a free T-Shirt, this year or next, please contact Jim Mogan (264-7350) by August 1, 2017.

Thank you in advance for making this a great annual City event. We hope to see you all there!

Brig Lighthouse

The Race Course

The Swim:  1/4 mile, essentially out and back.  Floating Start.  Finish up boat ramp onto a sandy beach at the 26th street dock area.

Brig Swim

Brig 1

The Bike:  11 miles and covers the entire island.

Brig Bike

The Run:  4 miles that is an out and back run on Brigantine Blvd.  Water stations at every mile.

Brig Run

The Transition Area:  No riding in the transition area.  The flow will be in one direction.  Swim in, Bike in, Bike out, and run out will all begin from the Bay side and move towards the beach side of the island.  Also, no spectators, support crews, husbands, wives, children, dogs, cats, fish or any other living or artificial beings are allowed in the transition area once the race begins.  Athletes only (thank you).

Brig Transition Area

Packet Pick Up

Race Packets may be picked up on Friday August 4th starting at 5:30 p.m., ending at 7:30 p.m., in the new Brigantine Beach Community Center, located at 265 42nd Street in Brigantine, (609) 264-7350.  A pasta party for all participants and their families plus all event volunteers will also be held from           5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at the Center.  Please make every effort to pick up your packets on Friday evening.  Many athletes have to register for this race, so the more we process on Friday night, the less everyone (volunteers and athletes) will be stressed on race day.

Race Day Packet Pickup will be held at the 26th Street Dock from 6:00 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. on Saturday August 4th.  

All athletes will be finishing at the 26th street ball fields (Recreation Complex).  Athletes will not be turning onto 25th as we have in past years.   After the event, the Awards Ceremony and Buffet lunch will be held at the 26th Street Recreation Complex (26th Street and Brigantine Avenue), after the last athlete crosses the finishline.

During the race, no spectators are allowed in the transition area.  Athletes only.  Helmets are a must and please DO NOT Draft on the bike leg.  We all want to continue to have a safe race.  Remember that we are sharing the roads with locals and visitors and some may not know about the race.

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